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Zoe had been confined to a wheelchair for 14 years when she came to us. She had fallen from a second floor window on to concrete and sustained two breaks to her back along with multiple breaks to both ankles. The surgeons had told her "there's a wheelchair there, get used to it because you will never walk again". After just one session, she was able to stand and bend over to touch the floor. This case has taken some time, (and multiple sessions) due to the injuries, but she is now able to walk short-ish distances (roughly 1 mile) and has swam 1 mile in the pool. 

Billy had been brought in by his Mum, he had broken his elbow some time before but was continuing to have pain from it despite all xrays showing that the break had healed successfully. He continued to use his sling for support as he didn't feel 'safe' without it.

Billy was asked why he felt he needed the sling and he said that it was because it still hurt some times. After one session of working with him and his belief that there was something still wrong with his elbow, he left the room swinging the sling above his head, using the 'hurt' elbow. He had completely forgotten that it was supposed to be hurting him!

During the course of a 3 day training, Sarah, an attendee, consented to be a volunteer for a demonstration. She had sustained a spinal injury some years ago and stated that there were time when she couldn't even bend over the bathroom basin to clean her teeth! 

This demonstration took 15-20 minutes, during which time Sarah asked if it was ok to move as she felt she needed to. Of course, she was told it was fine, and to everyone's surprise, she stood up, parted her feet slightly and touched the floor with the flats of both hands. Sarah than said that she hadn't been able to do that for 25 years, and had, in fact, been a gymnast in her younger life. Much to our amusement, she later danced out of the room with a beaming smile.

On the following day, Sarah came into the training with a slight hobble, she was asked what was wrong, expecting her to say her back was hurting. Apparently, on the way to the training, she had decided to park her car at the far end of the car park and walk in to the building, and promptly tripped over the kerb and twisted her ankle. She was quick to say that her back felt fine and she has had no problems since.

John had been an active racing cyclist for many years, and was very frustrated that during training he could easily match his training partners, but when it came to a race, he was falling quite a long way short of them.

During his initial consultation, he revealed that he was very low on self confidence, mainly due to critism from his father. Upon further discussion, there were things coming up that pointed towards a severe lack of self belief. He agreed to work on this challenge with us and shortly afterwards, his results started to improve. This was towards the end of his racing season, so it was difficult to monitor the immediate results.

When the next season started, he was a different rider all together, not only beating his training partners on a consistent basis, but also breaking all his cycling club records and winning all but one race (he was second) with his club and that was because he was starting with a case of the flu!

Geoff came to us with severe restriction in his left arm following surgery to remove a tumour from his side. He had been told that he couldn't expect to have full use of his arm for many months, if at all. The operation had been about 2 weeks previous to him seeing us. 

After about 1 hour of therapy, using the information he had been given, he could move his arm into positions that we thought were impossible! The following week, he told us that he had been to the gym with no side effects whatsoever.

We met Geoff again, several months afterwards, and happily he was still pain free and with full mobility.